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KUMY Tea Plantation
KUMY Tea Plantation
KUMY Tea Plantation
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From the pure and unblemished beauty of Lishan’s Black Forest.

In 1995, my father planted the first tea shrub in Lishan region. Since then, father’s tea has encouraged me to move forward. In the Slamaw tribe, the Black Forest has guarded the land and flourished lives.

Purity is our mission; sustainable nature is our faith. Kumy delivers the pure nectar of Lishan’s Black Forest.

Tea is a precious gift from God, so the best quality of tea is limited in quantity. We realized this principle, so we respect the nature totally. We harvest according to the laws of nature.
If God wanted us to have less harvest, we let the tea trees and land rest more. We do our best to balance between gives and gains. Such aspiration has been our golden rule for the past, now, and the future.

When external changes became dramatic, our beliefs remain solid and firm. Even though the global climate changes drastically, the Mother Nature heals herself naturally.
Respect the Mother Nature is the only way of our cultivation.

Our tea is tested in SGS lab every harvesting season.
Honorary, we are awarded Two Star in iTQi in 2016. This award brings Taiwan’s Lishan tea to international recognition.

Silent yet affectionate

✦ Awards ✦
。2017: Awarded Two Stars (GT) in The Guild of Fine Food
。Awarded One Stars (GT) in The Guild of Fine Food
。Awarded Two Stars (ITQI) in the Belgian Black Tea Evaluation
。Awarded in the Golden Pin Design
。Awarded in the OTOP (One Town, One Product)
。Awarded in the Lishan Tea Evaluation
。Awarded in the Lugu Farmer's Cooperative

✦ Main Products ✦
Taiwan tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, Cold brew tea, triangular tea bag, Tea Gift Stes

Breed:Chin Xin

Taiwan Tea_Star Ornament_Black Forest (Oolong + Black tea)
Taiwan Tea(Oolong + Black Tea) triangular tea bags
Taiwan tea_Black Forest(Oolong 600 + Black Tea 171)
Taiwan Tea_Cold Brew (Oolong tea 127 + Black tea 171)