Black Forest Black Tea 171

Black Forest Black Tea 171Black Forest Black Tea 171

Our black tea is made by Chin Shin Oolong tender leaves. It contains rich flavor and sweet taste. It's a perfect match with desert, while drinking alone is also enjoyable.

Black Forest Black Tea 171

Awarded Two Stars (ITQI) in the Belgian Black Tea Evaluation


The sparkling sunlight shines upon the cup of black tea. Layers of colors transforming from orange into amber. Made from Qingxin Oolong tips on Lishan, and fully oxidized as a red tea. Contains rich flavor with fruity elements.

❖ Quality Certification ❖

Quality Certification

Our products are subjected to strict SGS inspections and received qualified results annually, allowing for our tea to be the top choice for many tea connoisseurs.
。Taiwan Traceability Agricultural Product (TAP) certification no: TAP-101-028
。Inspection by SGS, in line with food hygiene and safety regulations
。Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration no: B-153275837-00000-9

✦ Tea Processing Steps ✦

Tea Processing Steps

Perennially surrounded by clouds, our tea leaves are blessed by temperature fluctuations experienced only by high altitudes and irrigated only with fresh mountain spring water, providing the leaves with fine and untarnished flavor.